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Welcome to NuMe3D, a life coaching & consultancy business I started because no-one else did!

Jan Croall

Jan Croall

About Jan

Constantly developing and training in new skills, I studied Philosophy and Psychology at St Andrews before embarking on a Masters in Management, Innovation and Change at Aberdeen.

Originally from Arbroath on the east coast of Scotland, I have worked and travelled widely, reinventing myself several times through education and relocation. Remaining positive through significant personal loss and illness has lead me to understand that corporate ladder-climbing is not for me, and that I have a unique set of skills and attitudes that could be put to good use.

Searching for what that ‘good use’ might be, I went looking for some straightforward, honest guidance and approached several life coaches for their help. What I found was that my life coaching skills matched or exceeded theirs. Instead of receiving the guidance I had been looking for, I was effectively researching the life coaching industry!



With that revelation, and the realisation that I wish I'd had someone like the current me in my corner 20 years ago, I trained as a life coach. Combined with some 30 years of office manangment experience, I provide a service that is neither light-weight nor condescending, but provides solid and respectful guidance to those I can help - while having the good grace to acknowledge when I can’t!

So here we are – NuMe3D – honest, straightforward, unpretentious life coaching & business consultancy.


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Jan is your NuMe3D life coach and change mentor. Get in touch today and start turning your life and/or business around. You'll be glad you did.


Gain the confidence and skills to get where you want to be with NuMe3D. With Jan on your side you will feel that you can achieve anything.


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NuMe3D is a concept for life coaching and business consultancy started by Jan Croall. NuMe3D can help you make changes for the better.


NuMe3D can help you to identify and grow the skills you, or your business, need to make the changes you want.


Jan can help you identify and target the goals that are right for you, or your business, and help you focus on achieving them.


Missing the fun in life? Lost the spark? Looking for a new perspective? Contact Jan and see how NuMe3D can help.

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